InVision Consulting Director’s take on Design Systems and Delivery processes.

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Hobby: efficiency

When I first discovered Design, I soon understood that what made me want to join the industry was the never-ending quest for optimization. As far as I remember, this has always been a goal in both my personal and professional life. My cross-cultural management Master’s Degree was based on the…

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You’re having a coffee break with your colleague, who is suddenly talking about “DesignOps” as the new trend and you find yourself nodding your head while you’ve never heard of it.

Anything to avoid passing off as clueless, right?

My journey with this topic started with a simple post-it with “DesignOps” written on it, and my boss, smiling. “Here’s your big task, enjoy.”

After some months conducting research and running some interviews, I’ve been able to gather enough material to grasp what DesignOps entails.
Here is the synthesis.


It comes from DevOps


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Smart People Inc. is an educational company that offers languages courses. Their main offer is the 4-weeks Summer Camp experience during which hundreds of teenagers can enjoy the Summer time taking part in outside activities and practicing foreign languages with others.

Becoming aware that this offer was not affordable for everybody, Smart People Inc. want to provide an engaging online experience for those who cannot attend the camps.

That’s where Laura Mondoloni and I can help. We…

Ella Forté

Product Designer based in Paris. Huge fan of Friends. How you doin?

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